Tuesday, December 21, 2010

that's all

there is much beauty in a moment of confusion and interpretation.
there is that lesson , again and again, don't look down and miss all the good stuff -
just look up and trip over things.

i learn so much from you, even when I am not looking

"This is blindness, beyond all conceiving
While behind us, the road is leaving
And leaving, and falling back
Like a rope gone slack

Well, I saw straightaway that the lay was steep
But I fell for you, honey, easy as falling asleep
And that, right there is the course I keep

And no amount of talking
Is going to soften the fall
But, like after the rain
Step out of the overhang, that's all "

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

city walk

oh, poor little silly little sad little me.
So spoiled am I , that I am feeling lost.
Lost because I had to miss my fall trip to nyc.
the fall in nyc - gorgeous.
the fall here in dreariesville - grey
I didn't want to write about it, admit it, it's silly, but it's also true
and I like the truth !
more truth -
the walking, i miss the walking - and apparently so do my thighs!
today my fat a__ ran around the park, over some benches, past a sketchy dude ( guy in park with clean beige boots, big sunglasses, large toque, small backpack)
let's toast to me doing that all over again tomorrow, perhaps minus the sketchy dude,
cause then i might have to find a new park.
let's hope the running helps, cause if i find the time and the money
i want to be on a sunshiny beach in the new year
and wearing a bathing suit might be essential.
whoa rant-aholic tonight, must write more !

ps. this whole thing started because after my little jog i popped into the fresh and lovely Collage Collage store and gorgeous illustration by Julie Morstad (artist above)
she is one talented lady !

Friday, November 12, 2010

preparing for flight

The butterfly
the soul - the mind - love
transformation - beauty - flight

i await a new year of flight

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

floating, swimming and all tied up

i am not sure either
but somehow i relate to this picture
at the moment life is:
dynamic, grand, trying, smooth, fulfilling, quiet
i am:
floating, fluttering, in love (with a fish), challenged,
tied up, standing tall, forgetting my creativity, learning,
changing, growing
i need to:
paint more, find new music, hang tight, be free,
be open to the change, focus on the challenges at hand,
let go, and blog again

Monday, May 3, 2010


happiness runs in a circular motion
thought is like a little boat upon the sea
everybody is a part of everything anyway
you can have everything if you let yourself be

you can have everything if you let yourself be
you can have everything if you let yourself be
you can have everything if you let yourself be

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tripping over things

my first blog experience was stumbling upon a blog called
Every Passing Moment
lately I have had my head in businesses but am switching with spring
back into the land of creativity.
So to start Spring off right, I visited one of my favourite blogs tonight
knowing i would find something to love
and here it is . . .
thank you

(best to click on the title and be patient and let it load - it's worth it )

Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life from Saddle Creek on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

another little moment i want to share

my sweet sister Melissa gave birth to her 5th baby!
little Pia Isabella, all of 5 lbs
the same size i was when i was born
i had her to sleep in no time and was not going
to share her with anyone!


sent from Angie Heintz ( travelling with her palm phone )

when I woke this time . . .

. . .there was nothing to take you off my mind,
nothing to take me back to sleep.
but there is a captured moment in my phone

sent from Angie Heintz ( travelling with her palm phone )

Monday, March 15, 2010

Andy Goldsworthy

how is it that I have never heard of Andy Goldsworthy before?
Is this why I should read the paper ?
perhaps travelling more would do

sticks in circular patterns, piled pebbles, arranged leaves, cracked pavement, painted nature, nature is art. he just brings our attention to it even more.
I want to head to the beach now, even in the rain, but it is 12:30 am
and my little guy is sleeping... I'll have to wait.

thanks for the introduction lance.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Market table, nyc

It's questionable whether an amazing meal tastes as good when you can't share it with the one you love! xo

(market table is a fabulous spot!)

sent from Angie Heintz ( travelling with her palm phone )

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"End of season" 1993 Jack Shadbolt

mmmmm.....Jack !
I have been searching for butterfly paintings by Jack Shadbolt
on the internet, why are they so hard to find?

Next Friday I will be heading back to New York.
One of the highlights will be
the massive butterfly painting that hangs in the International
Departure area at YVR. I could stand in line there all day!

"I always feel I'm getting near to something that's got more to it than I can get hold of."
(Jack Shadbolt)