Friday, December 21, 2012

Eat a lot of peaches

- 1st Earthship Ukraine

I was told by an astrologer once that i would battle between my two sides.
one: the big bad side of loving lovely material things
two: the what do we need material things for ? side that likes to ask why of everything

At this moment in my life I have come to a comfortable place in my daily routine. My little store is balanced and running well. I love to merchandise it, even clean it most of the time, but it has never been about selling items to people. It has always been about the love of lovely little things, beautiful colours, textures, designs and the amazing warm and lovely people and their children that like to appreciate things with me and talk about love, life, womanhood ,partners, children.
BUT as much as I love my comfortable life and the difficulties that come with it. I would love to put it on hold for a while. What would i do ? I would finally pack up and go learn to build a cob/ earthship home, travel, read books, sit and stare at a view, drink tea, listen to music and paint paint paint.
With the idea that right now would have marked that last day on earth or earth as we knew it. I have been thinking a lot about what i would like to change ( as i also dream about those $300 shoes i have had my eye on for over a year and that new fancy smart phone that comes with a drawing pen - lol )
I am tired of media bullshit, materialism, drug commercials and magazines about what kate middleton is doing. Move to the country then stupid city loving girl !!!!!
What is that 70's song ? "Blow Up Your TV, throw away your paper Go to the country, build you a home
Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches Try and find Jesus on your own
I can hear my dad singing the song right now.
Well for now, if the world continues in the morning, i will continue to breathe in the moments that i cherished tonight. Tucking my son in at night, talking and giggling and cuddling. Drinking warm tea while listening to an amazing song and writing on the internet. Watching my boyfriend sleep through the news on the couch and then getting cozy in the white sheets. In the morning i will go to the gym and work my ass off, talk with my mom and dad on the phone, talk with the lovely ladies at work, meet my boys in the afternoon, eat shortbread at a christmas party . . . take one day at a time and enjoy it !

A quote i found today :   The Western way of life, and the worship of material goods, progress, and capitalism, has accelerated its way headfirst into battles and wars for hundreds of years. Hopefully, our race will eventually elevate itself to a new era of understanding - one where we find ourselves to be more introspective, and spending our time pondering not only the bigger questions of life - but the smaller ones as well. Spending more quality time with our loved ones, and enjoying the moments. Because we feel there will be many more to come.

Monday, November 5, 2012

my old space myspace

I just rediscovered myspace.
wish facebook never took over
and i found an old blog i needed to re share

Someone else came up with this list as quesses for my middle initials stand for: i just had to share, it's just a good list
PS. they are all wrong!
Sack Lunch
Swell Life
Sad Lumpfish
Sand Lover
Some Lumps
Sushi Liker
Saber Lettuce
Swift Lasso
Soft Ladle
Sea Lady
Shell Larder
Signal Left
Second Location
Swift Lift
Same Lease
Slippery Lips
Sunken Lap
Super Licker
Slick Ladder
Skunk Liver
Similar Lifestyles
Swell Lover
Sweet Loaf
Swanky Legs
Scourge of the Land
Sheep's Larder
Slap Lassie
Ship Later
Sad Lemur
Sore Ligaments
Seafood Lament
Shoe Laces
Scrumptious Lady
She's Lovely
So Long

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


i love love loved being on the board of directors
for the DRIFT art society.
i am even more excited to be involved this weekend
simply as one of the artists !

I have a brand new studio - the shed i call it
and would love love love it if you would drop by for a visit !

September 29 - 30, Saturday and Sunday from 11am - 5pm
Drift on by to see some new work,
bid on your favourite pieces in a silent auction,
enjoy some wine.

833 east 16th ave ( just off Fraser and Kingsway )

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Deal Breaker

oh Rachael. Found this link on "everypassingmoment" today, i always find lovely things there.
thanks L
The earth has been thought to be flat…science has proved the earth to be round…they persist nowadays, in believing that life is flat and runs from birth to death.
However, life, too, is probably round.
~Vincent Van Gogh

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Good Thing

Mmmm  mmm mmmm  headphones on, drinkin tea and late night music searching  . . .
If i could make it to the Hotel Cafe in LA,
this is who I'd go see this Wednesday.
But I would be drinkin something other than tea :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

these times they are a changin'

I grew up surrounded by music.
Driving in the van listening to Fleetwood Mac,
dancing in the living room to classic rock and Abba,
singing songs with my Mom and Dad on a reel to reel recorder,
listening to my dad play guitar and absorbing all the lyrics 
to every James Taylor song that exists.
I now like to play guitar, or hold it, cause i can't play that well.
But I was not born with a voice for singing.
Right now is all about re alignment and focusing on what is truly important - 
thanks to the supermoon the other day.
If I was a singer, I would be writing love songs or heartbreak songs right now.
But I am an artist, so I am listening to others words and
making a new series of paintings.
I wish my paintings could sing.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

introducing Romeo Forbes

Yesterday I did a painting camp for children at my studio.
The theme was trees. So I went to the library and found this amazing book 
"elias and his trees", not only is it a lovely story, the illustrations are so gorgeous.

Sadly the artist, Romeo Forbes passed away at 24 years old.
I am so in love with his work. So sad that there won't be any new
work from him. 
But enjoy these.