Wednesday, November 17, 2010

city walk

oh, poor little silly little sad little me.
So spoiled am I , that I am feeling lost.
Lost because I had to miss my fall trip to nyc.
the fall in nyc - gorgeous.
the fall here in dreariesville - grey
I didn't want to write about it, admit it, it's silly, but it's also true
and I like the truth !
more truth -
the walking, i miss the walking - and apparently so do my thighs!
today my fat a__ ran around the park, over some benches, past a sketchy dude ( guy in park with clean beige boots, big sunglasses, large toque, small backpack)
let's toast to me doing that all over again tomorrow, perhaps minus the sketchy dude,
cause then i might have to find a new park.
let's hope the running helps, cause if i find the time and the money
i want to be on a sunshiny beach in the new year
and wearing a bathing suit might be essential.
whoa rant-aholic tonight, must write more !

ps. this whole thing started because after my little jog i popped into the fresh and lovely Collage Collage store and gorgeous illustration by Julie Morstad (artist above)
she is one talented lady !

Friday, November 12, 2010

preparing for flight

The butterfly
the soul - the mind - love
transformation - beauty - flight

i await a new year of flight

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

floating, swimming and all tied up

i am not sure either
but somehow i relate to this picture
at the moment life is:
dynamic, grand, trying, smooth, fulfilling, quiet
i am:
floating, fluttering, in love (with a fish), challenged,
tied up, standing tall, forgetting my creativity, learning,
changing, growing
i need to:
paint more, find new music, hang tight, be free,
be open to the change, focus on the challenges at hand,
let go, and blog again