Monday, November 5, 2012

my old space myspace

I just rediscovered myspace.
wish facebook never took over
and i found an old blog i needed to re share

Someone else came up with this list as quesses for my middle initials stand for: i just had to share, it's just a good list
PS. they are all wrong!
Sack Lunch
Swell Life
Sad Lumpfish
Sand Lover
Some Lumps
Sushi Liker
Saber Lettuce
Swift Lasso
Soft Ladle
Sea Lady
Shell Larder
Signal Left
Second Location
Swift Lift
Same Lease
Slippery Lips
Sunken Lap
Super Licker
Slick Ladder
Skunk Liver
Similar Lifestyles
Swell Lover
Sweet Loaf
Swanky Legs
Scourge of the Land
Sheep's Larder
Slap Lassie
Ship Later
Sad Lemur
Sore Ligaments
Seafood Lament
Shoe Laces
Scrumptious Lady
She's Lovely
So Long