Monday, May 21, 2012

A Good Thing

Mmmm  mmm mmmm  headphones on, drinkin tea and late night music searching  . . .
If i could make it to the Hotel Cafe in LA,
this is who I'd go see this Wednesday.
But I would be drinkin something other than tea :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

these times they are a changin'

I grew up surrounded by music.
Driving in the van listening to Fleetwood Mac,
dancing in the living room to classic rock and Abba,
singing songs with my Mom and Dad on a reel to reel recorder,
listening to my dad play guitar and absorbing all the lyrics 
to every James Taylor song that exists.
I now like to play guitar, or hold it, cause i can't play that well.
But I was not born with a voice for singing.
Right now is all about re alignment and focusing on what is truly important - 
thanks to the supermoon the other day.
If I was a singer, I would be writing love songs or heartbreak songs right now.
But I am an artist, so I am listening to others words and
making a new series of paintings.
I wish my paintings could sing.