Thursday, March 20, 2014

a terrible beauty

i am in love, i am in love , i am in love with the work of
i had heard of him, but never seen his photographs in person.
Today i return from his exhibition at the VAG
and can't stop thinking about his images.
So inspirational for my work. 
They are the photographs that i try to capture while traveling,
the photographs that i take out the frosty windows of airplanes,
just a million times better !
I am speechless. They are the kinds of images that I see pure beauty in. 
The mess of nature or the mess of what we as humans have made of nature
I will have to research and study his work and films.
There are so many pieces that I adore, they would fill my entire blog.

tick tock, bang bang, primetime

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Escapes, bright lights and laughter

There is a fire escape ladder
outside the window of my new temporary home in downtown los angeles, fashion district.
Right now i am lying in bed and looking out the window, the air is fresh and sweet.
I really needed something to be fresh and sweet.
In one window the ladder reaches up and it meets , in the other window - the moon!
It won't stop staring at me.
I want to run up the ladder and steal a piece of her bright glow and place it in my heart.
But instead, the dark side of the moon is in my heart
and sending tears to my neck.
When i arrived i was filled with laughter and freedom.
Laughter that seemed to be stored up inside me for months.
Now i feel that life is teasing me and i don't like to be teased.
 Today i pondered whether what i thought i wanted is really what i need.
I don't want to be yearning for anything.
 I hope for peace and grounding guidance tomorrow.
Clear thoughts and solid independence.