Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the ten year circle

it has been 10 years since i was in nyc.

it has been 7 years since i have been inspired, truly inspired to paint.

the colours and textures of the city.

the brick walls, the plaster, the lines, the textures, the mess.

the simple moments found in a city so complex.

just like the t-shirt says - i . . .

it took a few days to feel confident, nothing that navigating the subway on your own can't cure. i was so proud of myself!

north, south, torrential rain, east, west, over the bridge, under the tunnel, i went everywhere - well it felt like it anyways. i walked - alot!!!!!

clyfford still at the Met - oh my!

i breathed deeper.

i walked stronger.

i sat taller.

i sang in the shower - 3 x

i opened my eyes.

i opened my heart.

i broke something like a bull.

i listened. i was listened to.

i drank till dawn, danced till dawn, laughed till dawn.

i walked the village in heels - i just had to.

i am painting again - truly painting!


Jay said...

That's great Angie, wonderful work! I'm heading up to NYC July 23-30.

Lance said...

I'm happy you are living your life Angie. Even though we just met I sense something in you, tranformative, or maybe a reawakening... Glad to have shared some time with you and Estevan.