Thursday, September 25, 2008

while perusing someone else's blogspot, i then clicked on one of their favourite sites and i came across this piece.
"nude beam"2007
by Fiona Banner
and i thought my arm was sore from painting!
If i wasn't renting my house i would have started writing in the corner already.
then just underneath this post was a post about an artist who's name i had been trying to remember all year . . . giving people clues about him and searching the dark parts of my brain for his name.
Then today TA DA there he was . . . Jose Gonzalez. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Angie, this is Lance's sister, Lisa. He told me to check out your blog and I am glad he did. I love the writing on the wall. I just finished painting the inside of my house and I can't imagine how much more tired my arms would be if I did something like this. You and I have some inspirational music in common. Perhaps one day we will meet. We also share the pride of raising a good man. My little boy is off in college now and I am one proud mama.

Take care

angie heintz said...

Thanks for the message.
Yes, i look forward to meeting you one day, i am sure we will meet. Glad you like the writing.
take care.