Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I apologize for the poor quality photo,
but wanted to give you a glimpse of what i've been up to lately.
This piece will be along side others for the next 6-8 weeks at Re-Entry, 4363 Main street.
Be sure to drop by. It's been a long time and I could use some feedback.
Showing starts Friday October 3rd. (everyday early till 6 pm.)


Jay said...

That is beautiful. I wish I could critique art with better language so you could hear what I like about it, but I don't understand the terms well enough. Composition and coloring, maybe? And the lines are nice and clean.

angie heintz said...

Thanks Jay, I am glad you like it, that is enough. No language necessary!(however, I know you know many many more words than I) I have 6 new pieces but that one is my favourite.
Thanks again for the comment!