Sunday, December 21, 2008


I've been reading a blog lately where I found this picture of a London exhibition of Mark Rothko. Not the best photo for sure, but for sure I am jealous. Would love to have been there surrounded by a room of his resonating colours.


ElGuappa said...

Angie! Thanks for stopping by my blog...Please, I beg you to tell me more about Rothko...Illuminate my mind with what makes his art unique and brilliant. I really have no idea. By the way, my friend was at this exhibit. He said it was really spectacular and people in the room were crying! I think maybe I'm too ignorant to be touched by certain artistic subtleties. Maybe that's why I'm a big Frida (balls ahoy!) fan. PS. I *love* your paintings. Have a happy new year...Mucho amor, paz, calma y abundancia siempre.


angie heintz said...

Hola. Feliz ano nuevo!
Subtle yes, you must be in front of his work to appreciate it, if you are going to appreciate it at all. There are so many layers of colours and washes glowing on a canvas usually larger than you. If I ever find a live one in the city I will let you know.
see you soon,
besos angie.