Thursday, March 12, 2009

hello Martin Kippenberger

I am currently wondering the streets of NYC.
One of my favourite things in life, really!
And while wondering through the floors of the MOMA, one of my other favourite things to do, especially when I know I am going to turn the corner and
run face to face with Mr. Mark Rothko!
I was introduced to the works of Martin Kippenberger.
A heavy retrospective, diverse and disturbing, enlightening and emotional.
The collection of work varied from room to room, really from piece to piece and it left me with the feeling that this man's personality was as such.
Amongst all of the caos were some beautiful pieces.
My favourite? an untitled painting 240 x 300 cm large,
from a series of work that was titled " dear painter, paint for me"
( it is pictured above with the man on the couch) nice place to sit in my opinion.
The light from this painting struck me from across the room.
Reminded me of the first time I saw an Edward Hopper in the flesh.
ahhhhh a day at the MOMA, life is sweet.


Anonymous said...

i've got a couch like that! I'm envious!!! NYC Walkies.

Lance said...

I love to hear passionate people speaking of their passions...

Angie said...

thank you for following along, I love love love comments!!! bring them on. see you at the bay!