Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Her Morning Elegance

I love how this video was made and it reminds me of my love for little moments in life:
sun shining through your bedroom window in the morning,
a warm blanket,
the comfort of a scarf,
the breeze from riding a bike,
riding the subway train,
clean sheets,
someones arms around you,


Lorena said...

very creative video and i enjoy all of the things you listed as well especially the sun shining through the window, i would also add sipping a great cup of coffee :)

angie heintz said...

Isn't the video sweet?, glad you liked it.
About the coffee - Agreed!
I had to write the list quickly or it would have become very long...

(or maybe I should work on that list- the extended version)

thanks :)

Lance said...

wonderful video! so charming and sweet. love the walking on cloud-pillows and the friendly fish-sock.

Angie said...

How can you not love friendly fish-socks?