Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How sweet it is!

to be walking home from the cutest little bar in Greenwich village, 3am,

when it starts to rain and the cab driver doesn't know how to get to Hoboken, seriously?

But if he did, I wouldn't have seen an art magazine article about an old friend while waiting for the PATH, or the glow of the sky on the walk to the apartment, or the buildings fresh with rain against the city skyline, or the view of the train station across the cobblestone.

I wanted to stop right there and start painting !

OR return to my loft apartment that has a view of the city, pour a glass of wine and start painting - one day right!?!?

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Lorena said...

i think cabs should have gps systems or have someone they can call to find out. geez. but i'm glad you enjoyed the walk :)